• Our two tone Speckled Wax Melt Burner is a simple & classic design inspired by scandi interior.

    Standing at 13cm tall it's the perfect companion to our Botanical Wax Melts. 

    Tealights not included. 

    Speckled Wax Melt Burner

    SKU: WMB-01
    • 1. Pop an unscented tealight in the base of the wax melt burner. 
      2. Place your wax melt cube in the top of the wax melt burner.
      3. Light your tealight and wait for the fragrance to be released. 
      4. Once the tealight has gone out and the wax has cooled, you can either melt the existing wax melt until you can't smell the fragrance or change your wax melt for a new one! 

    • Please note wax melt burners become hot during use, ensure the wax melt burner is placed on a heat resistant surface and do not touch whilst using. We do not reccomend you use your wax melt burner for longer than 3 hours.